MARCH 2013
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Engineers: Problem-Solvers or Creative Artists?
By Karl D. Stephan, Professor, Ingram School of Engineering, Texas State University
One aspect of engineering that technical courses don't address very well is the attitude that an engineer should bring to the task at hand. Because so much of an engineering student's time is spent solving problems, it's easy to get into the habit of thinking that solving problems is all engineers do.
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A G Consulting Engineering, PC
Senior HVAC Design Engineer – New York City, New York Apply
Someone with 10+ years of experience in design of engineering projects relating to HVAC
Engineers - Electrical, Civil and Industrial Systems – Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Apply
Someone with an ability to lead projects in a changing environment
Devon Energy Corporation
Facilities Engineer – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Apply
Someone with minimum 10 years of experience in a facilities engineer with demonstrated experience in production
A G Consulting Engineering, PC
Senior Electrical Engineer (with Airport Lighting Experience) – New York City, New York Apply
Individual with 5+ years of specialized work experience in a comparable consulting or A/E design firm
Devon Energy Corporation
SAP Basis Administrator – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Apply
Individual experience with SAP Infrastructure
National Sales Manager – Calgary, Alberta Apply
Someone with minimum 5 years of leadership and supervisory experience leading a sales team
CF Industries
Senior Design Engineer – Champagne, Illinois Apply
Individual with knowledge of fuse applications and fuse selection criteria
Metallurgist – Regina, Saskatchewan Apply
Individual with several years of experience in metallurgical services and component live evaluations in heavy industrial facilities
CF Industries
DCS Control Systems Engineer – Sioux City, Iowa Apply
Individual with excellent interpersonal communication skills and ability to work well with project team
Engineer, Mechanical Plant – Coronach, Saskatchewan Apply
Someone with ability to lead and supervise activities in a changing environment
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